ELECTION – Why KLWIN Opposes One Conservative (Paul Foster), but Not Another (Sheila Young)

September 21st, 2012GeneralKLWIN 0 Comments

KLWIN is a politically neutral organisation, and is supported by people of all political persuasions.  Our sole purpose is to defeat the incinerator, and when someone presents a clear threat to that objective we have to act.   That’s why we ask people not to vote for Paul Foster, the Conservative’s County Council candidate in the Clenchwarton and Lynn South by-election.  We explain why below.
1. He Opposed the Anti-Incineration Leadership:  There’s a battle within the Borough Council Conservative Party against the ‘anti-incineration’ members. Paul Foster tried to remove the ‘anti-incineration’ leadership from power. With our own Borough Council standing up for us against the County Council, he should have lobbied County colleagues to replace their leader, not challenge ours!
2. If elected he would be under pressure to ‘tow the line’: Derrick Murphy leader of the County Council Conservative Group said on Radio Norfolk all County Council Conservative candidates must stand by Conservative Policy and that includes the ‘energy from waste plant.’ Cllr John Dobson was expelled from the Conservative group ultimately because of his very vocal opposition to the incinerator.
3. The County’s leadership already has too much power: They ignore our votes & behave badly. This is because the ruling (Conservative) group is much larger than all opposition parties. Sending one more to join the dominant group will not help deliver reform. It simply makes them larger & stronger and won’t help stop the incinerator. Reform and replacement of their leadership ought to be their priority. Voting for an opposition candidate, whether Labour, LibDem or UKIP will help get their attention.  Labour & LibDem County Councillors have already been opposing the incinerator.
We are not opposed to Sheila Young, the Borough Council Conservative candidate for Spellowfields (the Borough seat also up for election). She has consistently supported our campaign.

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