The County Council Election Candidates, and KLWIN’s Position

September 21st, 2012GeneralKLWIN 0 Comments

The 27th September gives local people their first chance to show County Hall how they feel about 65,000 referendum votes being ignored.   KLWIN is saying NO! to Conservative candidate Paul Foster; but what about KLWIN’s opinion of the other candidates?
The other candidates are Alexandra Kemp (Labour), Kate Sayer (Lib Dem) and Michael Stone (UKIP).  We believe all are genuinely opposed to the incinerator as individuals, and we know their parties have opposed the incinerator at County Hall.  However, as a non-political organisation KLWIN cannot single out any individual or party for its support.
Following the withdrawal of Independent candidate Richard Burton, several people have asked KLWIN to support Labour’s Alex Kemp because she now has the greatest chance of defeating Paul Foster.  Whilst this may be correct, we must limit our activity to urging people to use their votes wisely.  There are more issues in this election than the incinerator, but none more important than demanding that 65,000 votes must not be ignored.
Richard Burton, the environmental consultant and anti-incineration campaigner, who was standing as an Independent candidate, has now had to withdraw his candidacy.  We understand from legal advice that despite the error on his nomination form being minor, it could nevertheless have resulted in a very real risk of a High Court challenge. It is very important that anyone who would have voted for Richard now uses their vote in this election for either Labour, LibDem or the UKIP candidates.
We are however pleased that Richard will be standing again in May 2013.
All candidates will speak at South Lynn, Community Centre on Sat 22/9/12   10:15am – 11:30

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