Could it really cost £90 Million to ditch the incinerator or an extra £298 Million if we proceed?

May 27th, 2013GeneralKLWIN 0 Comments

An independent investigation is needed to get to the truth.

Was it beyond the Cabinet’s authority to award such a large contract without a full council vote? Why did Council officers disregard substantially cheaper waste technologies? Did incompetent legal advice lead to a PFI contract biased in Cory Wheelabrator’s favour? Are there still ways out of the contract that avoid huge costs? Norfolk’s taxpayers deserve the facts but is there any prospect of those who are already implicated in this ‘unprecedented mess’ volunteering the information?

With public services under financial pressure how can Norfolk afford to give £596Million to Cory Wheelabrator for treating 170,000 tonnes of waste per year for 25 years? Other waste technology providers have said they could treat the same amount of waste for less than half that cost.

Read the full article at the ‘Farmers Campaign’ website.

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