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The incinerator is opposed by residents from all political parties, across all of Norfolk. When the Borough Council held a referendum throughout West Norfolk 65,500 people voted against the incinerator. That’s 92.7% of those who voted, making it one of the most decisive results results in British electoral history. The result wasn’t surprising. Earlier debates throughout 2010 – 2011 showed that of over 1000 votes cast, 99.8% objected to the proposal. At most of these events both arguments for and against were heard. The better people are informed, the greater the number voting against the flawed incineration proposal. Documents from a PR agency showed the County Council believed it would lose the referendum, and they have since tried to undermine the result.  Many are asking our County Councillors, “Why Aren’t You Representing Our Views?  Here’s what some of our supporters say.

      • Mervyn Lambert - supports Kings Lynn without incineration

        Coming from South Norfolk, nobody can accuse business man Mervyn Lambert of being a NIMBY. He has recognised Norfolk County Council has got this wrong and is helping stand up for West Norfolk. He donated £2,500 to KLWIN. Referring to the public inquiry he said “It’s not just one for the west of the county, it’s for everybody. We’re not only going to give them a good fight, we’re going to win.”

        South Norfolk business man Mervyn Lambert.

      • Dave Dennis - supports Kings Lynn without incineration

        “It seems a shame that we the residents of West Norfolk have been ignored in a referendum by our County Councillors. That is why the GMB trade Union is supporting KLWIN in seeking Democracy for 65,000 residents who said no to building an incinerator.”

        Dave Dennis GMB King’s Lynn Number One Branch sectary.

      • Henry Bellingham MP supports Kings Lynn without incineration

        “I am shocked and appalled at how Norfolk County Council (NCC) have disregarded the referendum result. This shouldn’t be allowed to happen in a democracy.”

        Henry Bellingham MP for North West Norfolk (Conservative)

      • “I am very surprised and concerned that anyone would wish to proceed with something that has such potential to harm health in West Norfolk.”

        Dr Rees, Director of Public Health (retired)

      • “This project doesn’t make financial sense. It will lose taxpayers money. There are cheaper alternatives.”

        Dr Chris Edwards, Economist and Fellow of the University of East Anglia

      • Click to Read DR Chris Edwards report

        Dr Chris Edwards, Senior Fellow of the University of East Anglia

      • “When I spoke at a national waste conference, the waste industry audience agreed the County Council dismissed the referendum on a false basis.”

        Richard Burton M.Sc, environmental consultant

      • “There are alternatives to landfill other than incineration. If Cambridgeshire can use high-tech recycling, so can we.”

        Councillor Collis, Chairman of Labour Group

      • “The safest & most cost-effective solution is recycle more. An incinerator is likely to become a white elephant for King’s Lynn.”

        Dr Ian Mack, Liberal Councillor & GP

      • “In 2007, Norwich resisted a proposal to build an incinerator. Now the threat has moved to West Norfolk. The tiny particles emitted by incinerators are far more harmful than pollution created by cars. Furthermore, incineration creates a need for waste to be produced, sabotaging the county’s attempt to head towards zero waste.”

        Norwich City Councillor Claire Stephenson (Green)

      • “Norfolk County Council have released much information which is incorrect and misleading. I have asked them to retract this, but they have refused.”

        Richard Burton M.Sc, environmental consultant

      • “Burning waste creates hundreds of complex chemicals, and many are known to harm health. Laws and limits lag behind the science.”

        David press, Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry

      • “The many breaches prove incinerators are not well regulated. In 2008, Dundee’s incinerator released dioxins 100 times over the legal limit, but wasn’t even fined.”

        Paul Moore, Engineer

      • “A waste company said they didn’t bid for the contract because NCC were only interested in incineration.  Their solution was both cheaper and better.”

        Mike Knights, Farmer

      • “NCC plans more ‘recovery’ elsewhere in Norfolk. This means recycling, composting and energy recovery also known as incineration.  If we don’t stop this one, others could be built elsewhere.”

        County Councillor Tim East (Lib Dem)

      • “If NCC can ride roughshod over 65,000 people they can get away with anything. Any community in Norfolk could suffer as a result.”

        County Councillor Colleen Walker (Labour)

      • “The Council is showing contempt and a blatant lack of respect for those who elected them. It makes me feel absolutely sick.  Please help.”

        Sylvia Pomeroy, resident

      • “There’s nothing more important than our children’s health. I voted no for their sake, but my vote was ignored”

        Alice George (mum)

Doctors, Scientists and Engineers have provided open letters discussing their opposition to the proposed King’s Lynn incinerator. You can view them below

Doctors letter against King’s Lynn incinerator
Scientists and Engineers letter against King’s Lynn incinerator