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Please read the EDP article and vote for the Secretary of State to take the planning decision. If it is left to Norfolk County Council to decide there is no chance it will be considered properly of objectively. Norfolk County Council’s leadership have already removed some councillors from important committee posts when they did not [...]

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Monday11th July Eastern Daily Press reported Thorpe St Andrew’s council opposed incineration in 2007 because it was near a big centre of population in their back yard but now they support it’s construction immediately upwind of King’s Lynn. The report did not spot that this is one of the few parish/town councils being consulted that [...]

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 The incinerator is up for discussion at the next Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk Development Control Board meeting on 25 July 2011 at 10.00am in the Corn Exchange, Tuesday Market Place, King’s Lynn.

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Additional project information A natural gas fired combined cycle gas turbine plant, with a thermal capacity of 162MW to provide electricity and steam entirely for internal use within the Palm Paper mill. What happens next The application is expected to be submitted to the IPC Q1 2012. The IPC has 28 days from the day [...]

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Tens of thousands of leaflets promoting waste incineration have been distributed by County Hall. Councillors Ann Steward and Derrick Murphy have extolled the virtues of burning our waste. The Council attacked campaigners’ arguments and dismissed an overwhelming referendum result. But what does the Council’s ruling Conservative Group really say behind closed doors? Do they really [...]

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The Incinerator planning application documents are now available online: click here. Please click here for further details of the consultation process, which runs from Wednesday 22nd June until Wednesday 3rd August 2011.

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This is independent of The Borough Council, although we are still co-operating together in a joint effort to prevent the incinerator project from being forced upon us. 65,515 of our residents opinions have been ignored. We still need their support. We are aware that many people are experiencing extreme frustration and want to help the [...]

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Take heart. Two weeks ago, the Secretary of State refused Veolia planning permission for a waste incinerator commissioned by Notts County Council under a similar PFI contract to the one proposed here. Again, the opposition came from local residents and the district council. He had called the planning application in for his own decision, and [...]

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Update: We are confident that the incinerator WILL be stopped. The PFI funding has NOT yet been awarded, and neither has NCC signed the contract. The fight to stop this incinerator will go on for as long as required – it may even take a legal challenge to defeat it, but it WILL be stopped. [...]

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